1st date of opening steak chef in Al Khalidiya

The beginning of a long yet rewarding journey of connecting with new people through excellently cooked meals

Best fine dining in Abu Dhabi
Best steak restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Famous steak sandwich recipe

We’re not only wagyu connoisseurs, our famous steak sandwich recipe is also one for the books!

Peoples Choice

Our restaurant is run on a peoples choice basis, customers ask and we provide and that is our recipe for success

Best restaurants in Abu Dhabi
Best food in Abu Dhabi

Steak recipe tested more than 40 times

The reason our steaks are as tasty as they are is because we have tediously selected and tested our processes and ingredients through trial and error more than 40 times

Corniche branch opening

Our Second branch is opening on the scenic Corniche Road for customers to enjoy delicious meals with a view
Fine dining restaurant Abu Dhabi
Fine dining restaurant Abu Dhabi

Al Ain Branch opening

Our third and newest branch is opening in the lovely oasis city of Al Ain which is known for its palm groves and natural springs and now for being the newest home to the best food in Abu Dhabi

We Are Steak Chef!

The Hardworking and talented Steak Chef team serve as the backbone of our restaurants

Best food in Abu Dhabi